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Welcome to Barton Springs Conservancy!

Barton Springs is a natural treasure that is the heart and soul of Austin. The four underground springs supply cool, refreshing waters providing the community a beautiful space for year-round swimming. The three-acre pool offers locals and visitors a unique experience where they can be deeply immersed in nature and human community. Individuals from all different backgrounds develop a deep love for the Springs’ overwhelming beauty and its educational, recreational, historical, and cultural riches. Barton Springs Conservancy honors, preserves, and enhances the experience of Barton Springs for everyone through education and park improvements.


The Barton Springs Conservancy is excited to announce the completion of the Zilker Park Natural Resource Inventory & Management Guidelines report.  An initiative within the upcoming Zilker Park Vision Planning process, the report was commissioned by Barton Springs Conservancy to look at opportunities to improve and sustain the natural areas of Zilker Park over the next four years as park usage is increasing, and to ensure the Zilker Park Vision Plan process has the needed information to embed ecological health into the planning process.  This process allows the Barton Springs Conservancy to further its mission of enhancing the Barton Springs experience through environmental education about this beloved treasure of the Austin community.

The survey consultant, Siglo Group, was selected to develop this report based on their planning, design and conservation expertise, as well as their experience with other Austin-area conservation and natural area management projects, including : Butler Trail Natural Areas, Pease Park Master Plan, Laguna Gloria Natural Areas, Ranch Planning , Barton Creek West Greenbelt Ecological Master Plan, and Kingsbury Commons.

The commission of this report would not have been possible without generous funding from the Still Water Foundation, which continues to support the natural resources and environment at Barton Springs and Zilker Park.

For the Love of the Springs,
Michael Cannatti
Barton Springs Conservancy, President

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