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Capital Campaign Focus: Rehabilitation of the Historic Bathhouse

The Barton Springs Bathhouse is a historical and architectural treasure (listed on the National Register of Historic Places) that serves as a community gathering spot in Zilker Park for all types of healthy recreation and that connects us to our past, literally gathering us together as a community and helping tell the story of our environmental, cultural and historical values. Originally built in 1947, the historic Bathhouse has served millions of park goers…

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The four underground springs supply cool, refreshing waters providing the community a beautiful space for year-round swimming. The three-acre pool offers locals and visitors a unique experience where they can be deeply immersed in nature and human community. Individuals from all different backgrounds develop a deep love for the Springs’ overwhelming beauty and its educational, recreational, historical, and cultural riches.

Barton Springs Conservancy honors, preserves, and enhances the experience of Barton Springs through education and facility improvements.

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The Conservancy will contribute to the environmental, educational, recreational, historical, and cultural well-being of this beloved treasure of our community.

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The Conservancy’s For the Love of the Springs Campaign focuses on the following projects: the restoration of the historic Gateposts on William Barton Dr, the rehabilitation of the historic Barton Springs Pool Bathhouse, and the creation of a Visitor Education Center for Zilker Park.

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The Conservancy has been hard at work, fulfilling our mission to improve the Barton Springs experience through Education and Facility Improvements.  Over the past year, we have launched our quarterly speaker series: Deep Dives, explored a pilot education program with the Girls’ School of Austin, and hosted Faces of Barton Springs: an interactive art installation at the Historic Barton Springs Bathhouse.  The Conservancy funded and completed renovations on the Historic Gateposts on William Barton Drive. We celebrated the 70th anniversary of the historic Bathhouse with a community-wide Parade and Plunge at the Springs and hosted a 70th Birthday Bash celebrating the birthday of the bathhouse as well as of our supportive community leader and Barton Springs Conservancy enthusiast Luci Baines Johnson.

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